Final Video Project

Over the past couple of weeks, my COMM 240 class was assigned to created a final video to end the semester. My partner and I thought it would be a great idea to film the De-Stress Event held in Atwood Memorial Center, which happened to be hosted by SCSU’s PRSSA. This year was the second … More Final Video Project

Adobe Dreamweaver

As a PR major I have had my time working and playing around with Photoshop. I have a great time doing so as well! Another fun website editor is Adobe Dreamweaver. I have only used Dreamweaver two other times in my college career, and it is a lot harder than it looks. Adobe Dreamweaver was … More Adobe Dreamweaver


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are very important to have included in a webpage. They are both the core of a web page, especially HTML because it is a language for describing web pages which consists of plain text. As for CSS, that is the language used to describe HTML. A … More HTML & CSS


WordPress is a wonderful way to start your very first webpage. It is a free and easy way to promote yourself in a creative way that will catch the eye of the public right off the bat. WordPress is used in more than 25% of websites in the world. First, you’ll need to register for … More WordPress

Photo Attribution

Once you become a blogger or a writer, it’s very important to know that most images on the internet are covered by copyright law. If I were to post a blog with a photo I took off of google and did not end up captioning it, I could get in a lot of trouble with … More Photo Attribution

Puppy Love

For as long as I can remember I have been a huge fan of dogs and especially puppies! This past March, my roommate brought home the cutest blessing in our lives! At three months old, we met the new love of our life named Roscoe. As a puppy he was very shy, but since he … More Puppy Love

Favorite Superbowl Snack

Everyone has their absolute favorite snack they love to see at a Superbowl party! Mine has to be spinach and artichoke dip, but I could really be happy with a full plate of any snacks! For those of you trying to eat healthier, here is a great spin-dip recipe I found.      

Real Life: Gossip Girl

Just this past week I have started to, once again, binge watch Gossip Girl on Netflix. I mean, who doesn’t aspire to be like Blake Lively!? The show catches my attention so quickly, it honestly fascinates me. Not only does it seem barbaric to even think there are people in the world who act this … More Real Life: Gossip Girl

21 and Fun!

My 21st birthday was a time I will always remember (sort of). The second I woke up I walked in to a beer bong being poured for me, and then I got Iced! You could say I was a little buzzed by the time I went to Olive Garden for dinner with my boyfriend. The … More 21 and Fun!