Final Video Project

Over the past couple of weeks, my COMM 240 class was assigned to created a final video to end the semester. My partner and I thought it would be a great idea to film the De-Stress Event held in Atwood Memorial Center, which happened to be hosted by SCSU’s PRSSA. This year was the second annual De-Stress Event held at SCSU where the local Humane Society brought the cutest kittens to help ease the stress on students during finals week. To film this video we used a Panasonic AC 90 camera, tripod and external microphones. Editing was really fun as we got to use Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud on an iMac computer.

The music used for this video is entitled “Welcome Home” by David Szesztay.

We got our music from Free Music Archives, licensed under Public Domain.

0:00 Shot 1- Main title slide appears with shot of Kaci.

0:09 Shot 2- Pan left and right on room of students and kittens.

0:19 Shot 3- Title slide appears for Crystal as she informs about event.

0:34 Shot 4- Candid of students walking to event.

0:42 Shot 5- Title slide appears for Kaitlyn as she talks about event.

0:50 Shot 6- Close-up of kittens playing.

1:08 Shot 7- Kaci’s send off.

1:13 Shot 8- Close up on kitten playing.

End rolling credits.